"If it appreciates....buy it.
If it depreciates....lease it."
                                               JP Getty
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He wasn't everyone's favourite billionaire when he
said this back in the 1940's but undeniably it's just
as relevant today as it was then.
Companies of all shapes and sizes need to keep
up to  date with new equipment. Unfortunately,
buying an asset outright often comes with an
unwanted attachment  -  a hefty price tag!!
When you lease your equipment, you are paying
a pre-determined, fixed rental, spreading the cost
over the useful life of the assets.
Now you can use your Capital to invest in your company,
creating profit.

So why not go to the bank for a loan?
You can try. It sounds easy but the truth is, for a
number of reasons, the bank's aren't being too
helpful right now. You may already have enough
tied up with them or their offering (that's if you
even get one!!) may be too heavily weighted in
their favour. So what do you do? You need a
practical and affordable solution.
Lease It