How It All Works                                                  
Firstly, this is what it isn't !
There's no point in creating a workable alternative to outright purchase if it's a
long, complicated, drawn-out process with masses of paperwork to complete.
Nothing would get done.
It is up to you, not us.
You decide what equipment you want to get
and where to get it from. We won't dictate
which supplier of equipment you must use.
Documentation is simple and straightforward.
A lease document will not involve stacks of
papers to sign. An equipment lease is usually
no more than a few sheets.
After you've made your choice, get in touch
with us. Telephone, email or via the website;
which ever method you chose we'll go
through the options.
After you have received the equipment from
your chosen supplier and you are happy with
it, their invoice gets paid in full.
When the supplier has been paid by the
funder, the lease commences for the
agreed term which is usually 3 - 5 years
but can be shorter or longer depending on
individual circumstances.
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You choose the equipment you want.
Get in touch.
We'll send you the paperwork to sign.
Supplier delivers and invoices funder.
The lease starts.
It works like this...
Leasing is simple and straightforward; a bit
like a relay team. We all hold the baton for
a while until the finishing line.
Customer,  The Supplier of the equipment.
Creative Leasing, The Funder

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